Dog Daycare Eastside Pet Ranch

At Eastside Pet Ranch, every dog has his or her day - every day.
Daily puppy round-ups start at 7:00 am for an action-packed day of supervised play, socialization, and exercise.
We keep them doggies rollin' - so that you can come home to a happy, healthy, and tired-out pup.

East Austin's Dog Daycare

You might be stuck at work, but that's no reason for your pup to stay cooped up all day - send your furry friend for a frolicking good time in our acres of dog pasture!

Regular daycare can help insure your dog receives the necessary exercise, stimulation, and socialization he or she needs to thrive - when your schedule prevents you from giving your dog all the TLC they need, we've got your back.

  • 7+ acre site with extensive dog pasture & nature trails
  • More than a dozen fenced, outdoor turf play yards
  • Climate-controlled indoor play space for inclement weather
  • Fully supervised play-groups

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Reservations required for first-time guests, recommended for returning guests.

Standard daycare runs from 7:00am to 3:00pm, extended daycare (+$5) until 7:00pm.

All guests require current proof of vaccines for Rabies, DHLLP, bordetella, and canine influenza.

Regular exercise & socialization- the keys to a happy, healthy pup!

Around 50% of dogs will experience separation-related anxiety at some point during their lives 1 - and while some dogs can tolerate time alone better than others, many leading animal welfare experts believe that leaving dogs alone during the work week can take a toll on your pet's mental and physical health2. When your busy schedule keeps you from giving your dog as much time and attention as you'd like, we've got your back, insuring that your pup gets the necessary human and canine contact, as well as the required exercise and stimulation, to thrive.

1 - Bradshaw, J. W. S., McPherson, J. A., Casey, R. A. & Larter, I.S. (2002). Aetiology of separation-related behaviour in domestic dogs. Veterinary Record, 151:43-6

2 - Rehn, Therese, Keeling, Linda J. (2011). The effect of time left alone at home on dog welfare. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 129(2):129-135


Professional, Pet-Crazy Staff

We love animals so much, we play with them for a living! We maintain the highest professional standards in insure a positive environment for our animal guests, our employees, and our customers.


City-Side, Country Charm

Just because you're stuck inside all day doesn't mean your dog can't enjoy a full day of frolicking in our acres of dog pasture. We've converted 7 acres of former cattle land into a little slice of Puppie Heaven in East Austin - so close - yet so far out.


Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service is coming soon to East Austin via our customized pet shuttle, for the ultimate in safety and convenience.


Positive, Empirical Approach

Our mission is to apply best-practices derived from the rapidly advancing field of canine science, and we're dedicated to a positive approach to animal care. Our animal assessment and care procedures have been designed by our founder, Dr. Poling, DVM.

Personalized, Professional Care

  • Fully supervised play with dogs of compatible size, age, and personality.
  • In order to sure a safe, fun, and rewarding daycare experience, we make sure your pup is paired only with compatible play partners - all daycare dogs undergo a behavioral assessment before being introduced to a play group.
  • Individual play-days available for dogs that prefer more alone time
  • Dogs that don't enjoy social play can receive a personalized, one-on-one outdoor playtime session for an added fee of $10 - dogs unable to participate in play groups must purchase an individual daycare session.
  • Add a grooming or training session to any daycare stay
  • We're an all-inclusive pet lifestyle center - in between play sessions, there's always time for a new hairdo, or to practice some new tricks!
  • Door-to-door pick-up & drop-off service available
  • Click here to learn more about our customized pet shuttle.

What's a typical day like on the Ranch?

When you have to leave your furry friend behind, we've got you covered.

Every guest receives personalized care, hours of supervised outdoor play in our spacious pastures, and quality time spent relaxing in one of our luxury kennels. Weather-permitting, our goal is to keep dogs outdoors and active for as much time as possible.

Daycare Add-Ons

  • High Intensity Play Session (30 min.) - $10
  • One-on-one play with one of the ranch hands, customized for your pet

  • Lap Time (30 min.) - $10
  • Snuggle up for some rubs and a snooze with one of the ranch hands

  • E-mail Update w/Image - $5
  • Kong Time - $5
  • A size-appropriate kong is filled with peanut butter for a yummy treat

  • Treadmill Session (30 min.) - $10
  • Run pupper, run! A supervised workout on our DogPacer treadmill

  • Gourmet Treat - $2
  • Freezy Pups Frozen Treat - $2
  • A refreshing flavored, frozen treat - great for those dog days of summer

  • Treasure Hunt - $15
  • Oh boy! Dig through a sandbox loaded with fun toys & treats!

First Time Guest?

In order to insure personalized care and a safe environment for all guests, we'll need to get to know your pet a bit before your first stay with us.

Here's what we'll need to insure a safe & enjoyable stay for your pet - click below for more information:

Vaccination Records & Spay/Neuter Policy

We require proof of current vaccines for distemper, DHLLP, rabies, bordetella, and canine influenza.

We reserve the right to refuse unneutered and unspayed dogs.

Behavioral Assessment

In order to insure that every dog in our care gets the most enjoyment out of playtime, we first assess each dog's temperement and personality to insure that dogs are paired with compatible playmates. This helps insure a safe and fun social occasion for everyone. First-time guests will be evaulated as part of their vist before being introduced to a playgroup. Dogs unable to participate in group play may require an additional $10 fee for one-on-one play sessions with a petcare professional.

Special Care Instructions

At East Side Pet Ranch, we strive to make your dog feel right at home. We can insure that your pet maintains their usual diet, administer any needed medication, help manage any potential sources of anxiety, and accomodate almost any need. Please make sure to advise us of any special care instructions we will need to be aware of in order to insure your animal's wellbeing.

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